Membership Pricing

The Dental Exchange offers a series of low, fixed subscriptions, which eliminates per-job posting fees and the need for costly outside recruiters.

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    • 1 Year - Unlimited Job & Subhub Posts
  • Partner


    • 1 Year-Exclusive Discounts from our Signature Partners.
    • 1 Year - Unlimited Job & Subhub Posts
  • Team Builder


    • 1 Year -Exclusive Discounts from our Signature Partners
    • 1 Year - Unlimited Job & Subhub Posts
    • 1 Kolbe Hiring Package

Four Reasons A Subscription Model is the Best Choice for your hiring needs:

Lower overall cost per candidate than individual Job Post (purchases)

Increase the likelihood for employer success by allowing postings and access when they are needed – without the delays that come with purchase approval.

Fit better with most employers’ HR budget planning, allowing for annual or semi-annual purchases

Allow employers to annualize intermittent and unpredictable hiring costs over a 6- or 12-month period