Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with my free Dental Exchange membership?

Members are able to track, manage, and securely store all of their CE courses and corresponding certificates. M embers will receive quarterly reminders and updates on CE progress at no charge.

Social Forums
The Dental Exchange forums are intuitive and easy to use.  Members are able to connect and interact with colleagues and classmates in a style that is similar to other social networks. 


Having Issues Submitting CE Courses?
"Quotation Marks" - Make sure not to add any quotations (ex. " OSAP Practices..." ) when putting in the title of any course you enter.

Complete Every Box - Make sure to fill out each section of the CE submission tool. If it is an online course, you can put online in the location box.

Date of Course - Make sure to use either the Calendar OR when the date format shown in the box. For example, 1/23/2015. It is important for the system that the date be entered in that format.

Upload Files / Certificates - Make sure that the size of the file is 2MB or smaller.

Edits - If you make a mistake for some reason or what to add a certificate at a later date, you can edit each course you enter by clicking on the pencil icon next to each course.

Initial Login for Members via State Dental Boards - Unless you have provided the State Board with a different email address, we have already set up accounts for every Hygienist and Doctor in the state.


About Our Forums - Quick Facts to Get You Started:

  • Discussion Types: In addition to standard discussions, the Dental Exchange forums allow members to post questions and polls.
  • Q & A: A popular discussion type is "Questions." As others answer the question, the asker is prompted to either accept or reject the answers they receive. This feature forces the asker to decided what was the correct answer, ensuring that questions get answered quickly and correctly.
  • Rich Content: Images are automatically resized and YouTube and Vimeo  videos are automatically embedded. Tweets, Vines and Pins are also automatically recognized when pasted into a comment.
  • Mentions: Members can mention each other in discussions by writing an "@" before a username. Mentioned users are notified so they can quickly jump into the discussion. 
  • Best Of:  The Best of page helps users find your community's best content by browsing a fun, scrolling page. Content shows up on this page if it receives positive reactions or if promoted by a moderator.
  • Notifications: The Dental Exchange forums offer an unequaled notification system that keeps users abreast of anything that they care about happening in the community. Even if they haven't left the community, we have in-page notifications to keep them informed about what matters to them. 
  • Powerful User Profiles: Every member gets a profile that they can customized with their personal information. It serves as a place where they can catch up on their discussions, comments, reputation, reactions, badges, abilities, and much more.
  • Auto-Save: The Dental Exchange auto-saves your content as you are entering it so that you can close the window on purpose or by accident, and your content will not be lost.
  • Real-Time Previews and Edits:  Members can preview their comments in real time right in the page, and they can edit their existing comments right in the page as well. 
  • Private Messaging: Members can have private one-on-one discussions, or they can bring multiple people into the conversation. 
  • Powerful Search: Auto-complete helps members find what they are looking for quickly. Search results include images and videos added to posts. Relevance is based on keywords, word order and post quality. 
  • Smart History: The Dental Exchange forums remembers everything you've seen, always keeping you up to date with which  discussions have new content. Forget about remembering which page you were on, the Dental Exchange put you right where you stopped reading the last time you were in a discussion.